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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best Drip Irrigation Company in New York

Summary: This PR is to bring to the notice of the readers about the unique creations of dripirrigation systems from New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting. They are expert in installing and maintaining irrigation systems.

Go on a Stress Free Vacation – Install Sprinkler Systems in Your Garden
PRWEB: New York; 30th May, 2014: New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting are specialists in creating dripirrigation systems and automatic watering systems. NYC irrigation services are second to none. The philosophy of T. Nappi Master Gardener and Lead designer is, "I create both Landscape designs and installations with unique, innovative methods to avoid using the same Trees, Shrubs, Plants and Flowers as the other yards on the block. An important element often overlooked by the New York City gardener is the need for year round color and interest. There should be something poppin every season! It is possible to find beautiful plantings that are both low maintenance and proven to thrive in our region."  

Drip Irrigation NYC
ny drip irrigation

Why drip irrigation

Whenever you go on a vacation you are stressed because there are no one to water your plants. But with the drip irrigation company NY you need not worry any more nor do you need to water your plants manually now. When you return from your holidays fresh and healthy plants will welcome you. Thanks to New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting for making all this possible with their spring irrigation startup.
New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting install all the equipments required in a single day. Their team of drip irrigation companies NY works very hard to guarantee that whatever you spend like time, money etc., in landscaping your garden does not go waste. They install the perfect and reliable sprinkler systems. 

Drip irrigation instalation

At New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting we devise, set up and service Irrigation Systems which forms a fraction of our entire approach to rendering the supreme quality gardening in addition to Irrigation Services accessible in the entire world.

New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, the best irrigation service providers, are aware of the significance of caring for the garden equipments particularly drip irrigation systems. New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting extends basic as well as advanced contracts from housing and marketable irrigation services comprising of design, setting up and add-ups to irrigation arrangements, irrigation constituent improvements, springirrigation start-ups and system modifications. The company has a proficient understanding in the entire irrigation as well as a sprinkler system using the most up-to-date technology and conventional flourishing procedure since they are in the service for nearly 20 years. They function with total ability, full with all gardening equipments in addition to irrigation service automobiles. 

About New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting

New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting provides a total range of garden in addition to backdrop services in the New York Tri state region, serving housing, business and the trade. 
Visit for additional information or call 347 558 7051 anytime for a discussion about drip irrigation to be installed in your garden.

Drip irrigation installers nyc

Automatic watering system

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